Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Want to create some added initial buzz to help sell your listed home or property? Curb appeal, and the first impression are key…..

For many prospective buyers, “first impressions”, serve as their guide for his or her next steps when looking and searching for homes or property for sale;…and ideally, you want those “next steps” to lead right up the inviting walkway to YOUR PROPERTY FOR SALE!”  The end result being the sell of your property or home for you the seller, and successful find and purchase for the prospective buyer…..

A couple of helpful hints:

1. Keep it neat/start at the street…A neatly trimmed, manicured, uncluttered yard is key

2. Make it pop/color counts….A few tastefully brightly colored pansies here or inexpensive annuals or daisies there can really brighten up an otherwise drab or nondescript front yard or property or landscaping.

3.Entry way/Portal….Your home’s front door, entry way, or portal will create the “first impression” of your home and for possibly what beckons or lies within….Make it inviting!  Make sure the door and fixtures are in good repair and clean. Replace, repair, clean or paint any broken light fixtures or porch railings as well as dirty or torn screens and windows….Also, you might want to consider adding an attractive wreath to the front door to help create an inviting atmosphere.

4.And last, but not least, if you can’t afford to paint, GIVE IT A BATH!…A quick and inexpensive pressure washing can revive tired looking paint and really brighten up an older deck or porch. And everyone agrees that a well scrubbed appearance ALWAYS MAKES A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION!…and you know what they say….FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST FOREVER!