9 Home Cleaning Tips

  • 1.Setting the Mood for Spring.
Setting the mood for spring is easy.You can easily change out pillows, bed spreads, towels, and bath textiles to lighten the mood.Warm pastel colors always do the trick, but always consult your mother-in-law before making drastic changes to your décor as she will obviously take notice

  • 2.Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances.

To clean stainless steel appliances use a wax based aerosol spray (Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polisher) and wipe away with a lint free cloth.Do not use oil based cleaners as finger prints will show up on the surface.Weiman SS cleaner and polisher will remove residue, dirt, fingerprints, and water spots and provide a brilliant shine without any hard rubbing.In addition the wax based polisher will prevent dust and dirt and help protect against future finger prints.Finally don’t use any cleaners with bleach or any abrasive cleaners that will remove the protective wax.

  • 3.Organize Your Closet.

Ok…let’s all admit it’s been a super mild winter here in Oregon.Well guess what it’s time to go through and organize your closet.Take all of your unused, heavy winter clothing and store in attic or garage.Give clothes that you never wear or that don’t fit you to Goodwill.Organizing your closet is your first step to organizing the rest of your home!

  • 4.Cleaning Off Your Painted Walls.

Face it…if you have kids or grand kids, you’ve got scuff marks, stains, and streaks on your painted walls.Clean these by starting with a rag or sponge and warm water.If the stain or scuff is still there, then move on to a mild soap in warm water.If the stain still persists you can try Formula 409 or something similar but remember these are solvents and could take away the paint altogether.You should consult paint supplier before using any solvents on your painted walls.

  • 5.Getting the Carpet Cleaned.

It may be a tad early to get the carpet cleaned with the rainy season still upon us, but it’s never too early to plan.Call your local carpet cleaning company and get on their schedule for the 2nd week in July, because after all this rain and mud we track in that will be the week that fills up the fastest.

  • 6.Time to Clean Those Tile Grout Lines.

If you can’t or won’t purchase grout cleaner, then just mix a simple solution of baking soda and water.Mix ½ cup baking soda to 2 gallons of water and mix well.Then use a string mop or sponge mop to clean those tiles and grout lines.If the grout cleaner or homemade baking soda mix doesn’t get the job done then call in the pros.Also remember if you haven’t sealed you Shower grout lines in a while (2-3 years) then after cleaning and fully drying you should seal them to prevent future leaks and staining.

  • 7.Reorganize Your Books.

It’s been a while since you sat down on a rainy Saturday morning and reorganized your bookshelf….well spring is here and it’s time.Try arranging in whatever way makes sense to you (alphabetically by subject, title, or author) or try organizing by genre.If you’re a nut for color then sort the books like a rainbow.I would suggest shelving some vertically and some horizontally to break up the monotony of vertical rows.Plus it would just fit Portland’s vibe!

  • 8.Caring for Your Hardwood Floors.

This can be a tricky subject with all of the advances in hardwood flooring finishes in the last 20 years.To really clean your hardwood floors you’ll need to know what type of finish you have.If you have the old was finished floors then Murphy’s Oil Soap will do the trick.If you’ve got prefinished flooring with a urethane finish you can simply clean with a modern hardwood flooring cleaner but do not use Murphy’s Oil Soap as it will build up a residue on your newer urethane finish.Bona makes a great system that can be purchased to clean urethane floors.

  • 9.Just Cleaning the Entire House.

Last but not least is just the old fashioned cleaning the entire house.Dust every surface and light bulb first as dust will fall off shelves, fans, cabinets, and light bulbs.After dusting the entire house clean the baseboards with a sponge mop, using a mild soap and warm water.Next you’ll need to sweep or vacuum depending on your floor type. And last but not least stand back and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.